The most popular question we have received this month from prospective patients is “does your office accept adult patients?” The answer… YES! We welcome all adults to our Scottsdale and Peoria, Arizona orthodontic practice. Our practice is close to 25% adult patients (which is typical of many practices across the U.S). We have two beautiful offices that are well suited for adult patients.

We find that many parents of our patients decide to start orthodontic treatment once they see the results and the increased confidence their kids exhibit once treatment is complete!

It is truly special to see authentic, beautiful smiles when our patients finish treatment! Dr. Bader is dedicated to helping adults achieve a smile that they’ve wanted for so long.

We find that many adult patients have put off orthodontic treatment because of cost, fear of pain, and/or length of treatment time.

Adult orthodontics in Scottsdale and Peoria, Arizona


Getting orthodontic treatment is an investment in you. We love hearing stories from past patients that gush to us about how they are happier and more confident in themselves with their new smile. We realize that every patient’s situation is different. With this in mind, we work with each patient to find a payment plan that is right for him or her. All our financing is in house and we are proud to offer 0% financing. Don’t let cost hold you back from getting a smile you deserve!

Fear of Pain

At Faces Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on having amazing team members that give you and your family a first-class service that is as easy and as painless as possible. While there is some soreness as the teeth are moving to the correct position, the pain is not enough to forgo the benefits of orthodontic treatment. Most patients are initially worried about the pain factor, but we find that they are pleasantly surprised by the lack of pain throughout their journey to a beautiful smile!

Length of Treatment Time

We live in a world that is all about getting things done fast! While we agree that we like to finish treatment quickly, we also make sure that treatment is done right. Advances in orthodontics have allowed our office to finish patients sooner than ever before! At your free consultation, we will go over the pros and cons of each option, and give an estimated treatment time. We offer Invisalign and other great braces options that are cosmetically friendly. Many of your friends won’t even realize you’re in treatment! Dr. Bader can’t stress enough how orthodontic treatment will positively impact your life.

Do you have crowns or implants? Not to worry! Dr. Bader is able to work hand in hand with other dental specialists to get you a great smile.

Adult orthodontics is one of the fastest growing segments in orthodontics as people realize they can improve their lives, faster, and easier than ever before!

Interested in setting up a time for your FREE consultation with Dr. Bader and the team at Faces Orthodontics? Call us today, 480-661-1818