IMG_4242One of the coolest high tech gadget that we have in our Scottsdale Orthodontist office is our Ormco 3D Lythos Scanner. When patients visit our office, the most common thing that impresses (pun intended) them (besides our beautiful ‘castle’ of an office) is this scanner. Patients love to see their teeth in 3D when the scan is complete!

For many years, the standard orthodontic protocol was to use gooey impressions, which take longer, are messier, and aren’t as effective. Fast-forward to today, the Lythos scanner is one of the most important pieces of technology in our Scottsdale Orthodontist office and Peoria Orthodontist office. While serving patients from Fountain Hills, Central Scottsdale, McDowell Mountain, Northeast Phoenix, and many other communities, we use our Ormco 3D scanner for a variety of reasons.



(Check out Dr. Shawn Bader getting his teeth scanned for the first time!)

When a new patient begins orthodontic treatment for SPEED braces or Insignia, a scan is done for their initial records. For Insignia braces (our custom clear bracket system), we are able to send over the scan to have the custom brackets made. Our Scottsdale Orthodontist office also uses the Ormco Lythos scanner for any appliances that will be used with braces. When the day comes that you are FINALLY done with braces or orthodontic treatment in our Scottsdale or Peoria orthodontic office, a scan will be completed to help create retainers. This scan can be done for patients that have finished Invisalign in our Scottsdale Orthodontist office also.

Our staff in our Scottsdale Orthodontist office is able to perform the scan within 10-15 minutes. One additional perk of a scan is that we can create additional retainers faster, and WITHOUT you coming into our office. (If you haven’t seen our Retainers for Life Program, you should check it out!)

We love seeing our smiling patients from Peoria, Scottsdale, McCormick Ranch, Phoenix, Fountain Hills and the surrounding areas! Please be assured that Faces Orthodontics will continue to hunt out the newest, and coolest technology that will help your experience be as pleasant as possible!

You can check out a screencast of Dr. Bader’s teeth HERE

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