What Happens if Your Retainer Gets Lost?

Clear retainers for post-orthodontic treatment

What Happens if Your Retainer Gets Lost? As much as we try to be responsible, things happens! If you accidentally lose your retainer (or if your dog ate it), Faces Orthodontics is here to help get it replaced! Wearing your retainer after orthodontic treatment is so important! Dr. Bader can’t stress enough that wearing your […]

Is My Bracket Really ‘Broken’?


Is My Bracket Really ‘Broken’? One call we receive to our Scottsdale and Peoria orthodontic office from time to time from patients/parents is, “my (or my son/daughter’s) bracket is broken!” In reality, 99% of brackets don’t ‘break’, but rather come off the tooth and slide on the wire. Dr. Bader says the main reason a […]

Skating Party Recap!


Wow! What an event! Dr. Bader Faces Orthodontics celebrated it’s 9th Annual Patient Appreciation Skating Party just a few weeks ago. This year they teamed up with Dr. Ramsey and his staff of Children’s Dental Specialist for a fun day of ice skating at the Ice Den! All in all there were over 175 patients, […]