Can You Spot ‘The Bader’?

Scottsdale Orthodontist Dr Bader Orthodontics

Yes it’s true… Dr. Bader wasn’t always an orthodontist! Back in 3rd grade he could only imagine that one day that he would be an orthodontist. We’ve decided to let our patients guess which is the actual 3rd grade Dr. Shawn Bader. Entry forms are in our office! The winner will get an awesome gift […]

Does Faces Orthodontics See Adult Patients?

adult orthodontics in scottsdale arizona and peoria arizona

The most popular question we have received this month from prospective patients is “does your office accept adult patients?” The answer… YES! We welcome all adults to our Scottsdale and Peoria, Arizona orthodontic practice. Our practice is close to 25% adult patients (which is typical of many practices across the U.S). We have two beautiful […]

2017 T-Shirt Contest!


It’s the best part of the year! We’re excited to announce our 2017 T-Shirt Contest! Our annual t-shirt design contest has been going on for years and the design submissions keep getting better! It’s your turn to try to make your mark. We’re looking for great t-shirt designs that will WOW our office! Of course, […]