At Faces Orthodontics we’re proud to say we’re a little nerdy! We’re always looking for new ways to improve our processes and make it easier for you, our patient. We have just invested in an awesome new 3D printer from FormsLab. This new printer will allow us to use our 3D scans to print models of our patient’s teeth in our office. This makes the turnaround time shorter for retainers; so all our patients can keep their teeth straight and beautiful!

Here is what the FormsLab printer looks like and some cool pictures to see it in action making a model!

The resin fills the tray, and the fun is about to begin!


Using a light under the resin, the model begins to take shape. The process for this takes around 3-4 hours.


The scanner dips the model, and then raises it back up multiple times. It’s getting close!


Here are the models hot off the scanner! The next step is to cut off the spines, then rinse the models.


Here are the completed model we will use to make clear retainers. How fun what that?