Faces Orthodontics ‘Cruise into Summer’ contest has been a great success. Patients take a Faces Orthodontics frisbee on their travels and take pictures with it! When we heard about the Raghavan’s family trip, we asked them to write about their experiences.  We saw some pictures with our frisbee around Asia, and we had to find out more! Enjoy their guest post!

Our trip started on June 30th and after a long flight from Phoenix to Singapore (we broke our trip for one day in Singapore). Singapore’s Changi airport is super cool and worth a visit in and of itself. They have free movies, gaming, and museums to name a few. I highly recommend the complimentary leg massagers scattered along walkways for people with tired feet!

Singapore is very clean, but very humid (which is hard for people who live in dry heat like us)! It is a modern city with many beautiful architectural buildings. Did you know that they banned gum in Singapore so that people couldn’t throw it somewhere and dirty up the place?

We had a blast spending six days in Chennai, India. We tried different cuisines, did loads of shopping and visited many of our relatives. Then we headed to Pattaya, Thailand for a family reunion with my grandparents and uncle’s family. We enjoyed the beaches and fresh coconut water served in a coconut. We went to a place called Nong Nooch village which contains many beautiful sights, shows, and animals! Our favorite show featured elephants that play soccer, hula-hoop, throw darts, and even paint! We also got to do paragliding, undersea exploration, and a swim in very salty sea, hopping from boat to boat as we did different water activities.

On our way back to Bangkok, we visited the zoo to see many amazing animals! The highlight was feeding bananas to giraffes. Bangkok traffic is crazy!!! After seeing many amazing temples in Bangkok, we headed to Hanoi, Vietnam.

We did a beautiful 3day/2night Holong Bay cruise. I highly recommend this. It is a UNESCO site with amazing lime stone formations for miles in the bay. We explored many amazing sights and did activities like kayaking, exploring a cave, and participating in culinary challenges. The food was amazing and I have never had shrimp that huge. In Hanoi, we visited the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, traditional water puppet show, and a Confucius school.

Saigon, in southern Vietnam, is more developed than Ho Chi Minh city, but traffic is just as chaotic. We visited the Chu Chi tunnels from which the Vietcong launched guerilla warfare on Americans during the Vietnam war. The underground tunnels were so narrow that we could barely walk through them. Unbelievable, that the Vietcong lived in these tunnels for days without running water or electricity.

We went to the Mekong delta to see the local way of life. We went to three islands – turtle island, phoenix island, and dragon island which are all animals considered sacred in Vietnam. Each one is famous for different things like turtle island for its candy, dragon island for its fruits, and phoenix island for its honey. We listening to local music while feasting on local fruits such as dragon fruit, jack fruit & honey, tasting coconut chocolates rolled in rice paper and drinking local tea.

Next, we were off to Cambodia, unfortunately the final leg of our journey. Cambodia is famous for its temples especially one Angkor Wat. Angor Wat is gigantic, ranging over 500 acres! It even has a moat! The Ta Prohm temple is another temple which is so old it has a tree growing out of it. The movie Tomb Raider was filmed in this temple. I even got a chance to go to the famous night market where you can buy just about anything and should bargain hard. I am proud that I bought a purse for myself and bargained it down to half the price quoted.

This was a memorable trip……..and I cannot wait to go on another adventure next summer.

Faces Orthodontics Cruise into Summer