Speed System ™ Braces

Straighten Your Teeth in Less Time

SPEED Braces have revolutionized orthodontic treatment by eliminating the need for the elastics that traditional braces require to straighten teeth. Instead, SPEED Braces use a "Super Elastic - Energy Storing" Spring Clip to straighten teeth. The SPEED Spring Clip applies a light continuous force to gently move teeth.

The result is greater patient comfort, and potentially faster treatment and fewer appointments. SPEED Braces are also the smallest metal braces available today, so they are easier to keep clean than standard braces, and they look fantastic!

SPEED Braces

Leading the Way in Advanced Orthodontic Appliance Design

SPEED System Orthodontics have lead the way in advanced Orthodontic appliance design for over 30 years! SPEED products are manufactured by Strite Industries Limited, a leading North American Aerospace company relied upon by large aerospace companies.

Speed System ™ self-ligating braces are made from nickel titanium and facilitate faster, more efficient treatment progress. With no ties (elastics) to get in the way, patients find them easier to clean for better oral hygiene during treatment. Self-ligation also reduces patient discomfort and eliminates friction. Smaller and less noticeable, they help patients feel better about themselves throughout the treatment process.

While traditional braces may take 2 to 3 years to straighten your teeth, speed braces do the job 4 to 6 months faster in most cases. Technological advances have led to smaller brackets with unique slide mechanisms that allow faster movement of teeth into their desired positions. The happy result: You get the smile you have always wanted much faster.

Do you want to know more about speed braces? Contact us today, give us a call at 480-661-1818!

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